Government programs consolidating debt

There have been numerous deathbed confessions of high USG officials and scientists involved in the Alien ET matters.More and more individuals are coming forth by the day and telling about the secret crimes of the USG cutouts who serve the Hierarchy We are now seeing an unprecedented number of federal whistle-blowers who are disclosing a great deal about USG and Hierarchy crimes.

ISIS has turned out to be a major massive disposal operation against all the hired mercenaries, including mind-kontrolled Islamic extremists and Blackwater-type mercenaries.

However, the Hierarchy is a foreign-based enemy of America, and is working hard to destroy America’s constitutional republic.

The treatment of each of these American Heroes is simply disgusting, not to mention that those responsible should be indicted arrested tried, convicted and hung for treason.

Because the Hierarchy routinely invokes “National Security” to keep their crimes secret and uses it as a justification to prosecute and harass whistleblowers, many have been imprisoned and lost everything; many are then seriously harassed, gang-stalked by US Intel or military contractors, and then placed on “No Work under any circumstances” lists.

This has been done on a continuing basis to individuals like Mark Novitsky, who is a great American Hero.

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