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Architect Kerstin Anthony believes the new police substation will be the springboard to her own firm and the necessary resources to care for her mother. Those are usually difficult years anyway and I remember being a big ball of tension most of the time. But I didn’t think seriously about publishing until I was in high school.

When she confronts the girl she kissed in high school, now a tantalizing police officer with unrealistic expectations about the new facility, Kerstin’s path to success becomes littered with unexpected hurdles. How old were you when you moved to the US and was it difficult to make the transition? It was a bit of a challenge dealing with a changing body, awareness of a “different” type of sexuality while doing my best to dodge the kids intent on bullying me because of my accent. There, I put my work out there and got third place in a county-wide competition.

My saviors were a talented group of city employees and…wait for it…a tiny Lego model that I reorganized often. So…as writers often do, I asked myself, What if this project brought together two women who had known each other as teenagers?

What if they’d been close, possibly even fumbling lovers, but were torn apart?

With one shocking revelation, the pleasures she’d taken for granted—decadent threesomes under the Miami moonlight, lazy afternoons with the woman who knew her best, complete and safe surrender to her deepest desires—are taken away.

Left adrift and in pain, Sage begins to rebuild her life one piece at a time.

What happens when they meet again on a project that has career-changing potential for both their careers?

I enjoy hearing how an author comes up with an idea for a story, so I hope you enjoy reading about my spark.How did this collaboration come about and will other authors join in? When Lee’s publisher (Ylva) put out a call for writers to contribute a novella, I jumped on it right away. Is there a genre you haven’t tackled yet, but want to?I love super heroes and had always wanted to write a queer super human’s story. The only difficult part for me has been dealing with the uncertainty of how the readers will react to something new.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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